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The Business of Healthcare Podcast

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Apr 25, 2022

Dr. James (Jim) Walton

In this episode, Dr. James (Jim) Walton, president and CEO of Genesis Physicians Group, joins host Dr. Bob Kaiser for a wide-ranging discussion about consolidation in the healthcare marketplace. Walton also offers his views about how value-based care is impacting population health. Walton is also a lecturer in the...

Mar 31, 2022

Dr. A.J. Aceirno, a practicing dentist and CEO of Decision One Dental Partners, joins host Dr. Bob Kaiser for an overview of the dental industry, how it differs today from previous decades and what improvements can be made to optimize both the patient experience and business...

Feb 25, 2022

Jim Anderson

Jim Anderson, vice-president of product management and innovation at Stericycle, joins host Dr. Bob Kaiser for a look at the medical waste industry — its market dynamics, regulatory aspects, technology, supply-chain issues, education, safety, training and guidelines involved, the impact of the pandemic on the...

Jan 28, 2022

Sanjay Prasad MD FACS

In this episode, Sanjay Prasad, MD FACS, joins host Dr. Bob Kaiser to discuss how companies like SurgiQuality, which Prasad helms as CEO — are helping healthcare patients become better consumers by helping them connect with the beast surgeons not only in terms of cost but also quality. They also discuss Prasad’s...