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The Business of Healthcare Podcast

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Nov 27, 2023


Eric Bricker M.D., who appeared on  episode 49 of The Business of healthcare Podcast, returns to discuss with host Dr. Bob Kaiser various topics, including realigning healthcare incentives, integrated health plans, the concept of a klugeocracy — an assortment of ill-suited patches and quick fixes — whether...

Sep 27, 2023

In this episode, Amit Khanna, senior vice president and general manager of Salesforce’s Health & Life Sciences division, and host Dr. Bob Kaiser delve into the fascinating transformation happening within the healthcare industry, driven by the integration of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. The...

Aug 29, 2023

In this episode, cybersecurity expert Joshua Spencer joins host Bob Kaiser for a look into the challenges and opportunities related to maintaining information security in the healthcare ecosystem. Spencer is founder and CIO of FortaTech Security after having served as CTO of UT Southwestern Medical Center for more than...

Jun 28, 2023

Amy McDonough, managing director and general manager of Fitbit Health Solutions at Google, joins host Dr. Bob Kaiser for a discussion about how wearable technologies are helping transform the “sick care” industry into a true healthcare industry.


May 16, 2023


In the episode, Dr. Amy King, executive director of West Coast University -Texas in Richardson, joins host Dr. Bob Kaiser for a discussion about the nurse’s critical place in the...