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The Business of Healthcare is a twice-monthly podcast from the Center for Healthcare Leadership and Management. The center is based at the Naveen Jindal School of Management at The University of Texas at Dallas. The show, like the center, brings together business leaders and other forward thinkers to discuss how best to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing, increasingly complex healthcare industry.

Jan 8, 2019

Leslie D. Michelson, chairman and CEO of Private Health Management

Dr. Robert Kaiser, director of the master’s degree program in healthcare leadership and management for professionals at the Naveen Jindal School of Management, interviews Leslie D. Michelson, chairman and CEO of Private Health Management. They discuss key points from Michelson’s book, The Patient’s Playbook, in which he outlines how patients can best navigate today’s complex and expensive healthcare system by taking matters into their own hands and becoming more effective healthcare consumers.